Did you know that Colgate used to sell hot dogs? 

Yes, it’s true, and yet they’re not known for selling food, especially hot dogs. But until Colgate took time to revisit its mission and core values, the company got into all kinds of endeavors that weren’t driving forward its goals. The team needed to plan strategically and get back to basics. 

What’s the difference between strategic thinking and strategic planning? 

Strategic thinking goes into everything you do in your business. It’s thinking in an organized manner and in a way that doesn’t just address the immediate issue at hand but the long term as well. 

Strategic planning, on an operational level, is what you do to achieve your goals—what success looks like. It’s what an organization does to make sure it’s delivering to the vision and mission of the company—that every employee’s actions and targets are tied to what the organization wants to achieve. At the highest level, this means upholding the vision and mission statement, and at the lowest level, this translates to: PROFIT. 

That’s where we can help. 

It’s probably been a while since you’ve actually sat down to revisit your vision and mission as a company. Don’t become a soap company that sells hotdogs. Instead, let us partner with you and get you back on track so that you can get back to business.