Want to be better, smarter, and faster in your professional life?

Meet Rita Malvone, Founder and CEO of PMC

Business isn’t complicated when you have the right help to identify the gaps and key issues in strategy, organization effectiveness, and internal operations efficiencies. With over 20 years of real world experience in operations, growth, and profitability strategy, my team and I work with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 50 companies to start-ups in China and the global market. We’re “think big” operations and strategy experts, passionate about identifying and assessing opportunities and issues company leaders need to address today and in the future.

Because every organization has its own unique challenges, we use a leadership style that inspires transformational business solutions, develops innovative company strategies, and energizes teams. We help CEOs and management teams create customized solutions based on their own unique business challenges, and bridge the gap between HR and Operations through guided conversations, strategic facilitation, and case studies from our professional experiences.

As a dedicated mentor, coach, speaker, and trainer, my specialties include: organizational structure and design, operations management, client relationships, process improvement, cross-functional collaboration, leadership coaching, international remote management, talent development, and change management yielding ambitious KPI achievement. These are specialities that my team is also trained on, and we love helping our clients reach the results they’re after.

Some of our clients have dubbed us as a “Brains for hire.” We love being finding agents, soft skills trainers and problem solvers, and sharpeners of business acumen—which really means we help you see other options when you think you’ve run out of them.  

Recently, we worked with a multi-national marketing agency to create a purchasing depart and set a process in place that allowed them to improve their gross margin by over 15%. With another company, we led an organizational effectiveness workshop that was the catalyst for increasing sales by 30% year over year (YOY).

On a personal level, when I’m not consulting or coaching, I’m an active member of Rotary International and serve as a Board Member and the Chair of Service Projects at the Rotary Club of Shanghai. From the piazzas of Rome to the deserts of Mongolia, my fascination with other cultures has fueled my passion for global travel. I am an avid reader, SCUBA diver, and baker. I also spoil my two rescue dogs while working in beautiful cafes in the vibrant city of Shanghai.  

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