What Our Clients are Saying about Us

SVA Fruits, Shanghai

We had the pleasure of working with Rita for the last 3 years. She has been supporting our organization in 4 activities. The first one for Organization and Strategic Planning, then Roles and Responsibilities and the last two with high level executives coaching. In fact, one is still ongoing.

For SVA she has been a great support. She has the ability to understand well and fast our industry (fresh fruit) which is crucial for us, as a starting point to take the best from her experience.

Her vision to analyze and get a diagnosis from an organization is pretty accurate. And at the same time, the way she presents back to the organization, with potential solutions is very clear.

Has been a great pleasure working with Rita. Her professionalism, vision and empathy are outstanding.

-Felipe Claro, General Manager / CEO, SVA Fruits – Shanghai

The cooperation with Rita started with an organizations analysis. She is a very professional consultant as she has a very logical mind, and is very good at finding links in different matters, especially in complicated cases. She did very well to be part of the project, and put herself in other’s shoes, but at the same time, kept an objective eye, being an “outsider”. With her help and suggestions, the new structure of SVA Fruits was formed with clear responsibilities of each positions in the company.

I hope this recommendation is helpful when you are looking for someone professional and supportive. Rita is the one.

-Miri Liu, Commercial Manager, SVA Fruits – Shanghai

Shanghai and Beyond

As a small business owner, I was faced with the reality that my customer base and profits were no longer increasing. There were multiple reasons, including changing market conditions and internal issues, so I not only needed to redirect my marketing plan but I needed to reevaluate our operations. Peacock Management Consulting presented high level, professional strategies with an engaging, down to earth approach.

Rita was uniquely qualified to meet my needs because she and her team could apply results-driven corporate level strategies to my small business needs. They not only provided professional support but crafted an experience that felt like a therapy session for our business. They guided us to analyze problems and discover our own solutions, using methods that we continuously fall back on as our company needs evolve. 

I’d recommend PMC for any size company or business scope. Their service transcends simple auditing or operational analysis. They deftly assesses a company’s core values and culture, seek out collaborative forces seen and unseen, and seamlessly package it all into a clear and concise strategy for success.

-Tracy J Lesh, Owner, Shanghai and Beyond

Kenmar Corporation

I have worked with Rita in both North America and Asia for over 12 years. She is one of the smartest people in the business. Rita is excellent at assessing situations and implementing ideas and corrective action plans. I would recommend Rita to work with anyone’s team, at any time. She is quick witted and an absolute pleasure to work with!

-John Kennedy, VP Sales and Marketing, Kenmar Corporation 

Imagination Shanghai

I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Rita for two years as we built up a procurement function from scratch at Imagination Shanghai. Not only has Rita provided such invaluable insight into our purchasing strategy and helped transform our approach towards vendor competitive pricing, she has always done so with a huge smile and wonderful sense of humour. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Rita to any company or agency looking to improve their procurement function in China or indeed understand the complexities and challenges associated with operating in this market. Not only is she a fountain of knowledge, she’s also basically just … wonderful!

-Matthew Smith, Finance Director

Formel D Group

It was a great pleasure to work with Rita Malvone. She is very professional and leaves no stone unturned in her methodology. A very ambitious and energetic person and who gets the job done. I would highly recommend Rita for any project and have recently engaged her for one again for my company requiring a professional of her caliber for a project in China.

-Monica Wilk

Hortifrut SA

We brought Rita on to help us out with our struggles in going through the strategic planning process. The amount of effort and energy she brought us was fantastic, and her perspective and guidance throughout the entire process was invaluable.

In the three short days (well, LONG days really), we were able to figure out a lot of things we’re doing wrong, a lot of things we’re doing right, and more important we were able to put together some important objectives to help us move forward.

The entire time, she was absolutely professional and we could definitely see that her background and past experience made her the perfect consultant to work with us and help us become a better, stronger organization.

-David Smith, Asia Project Development Manager

Imagination Shanghai

I had the pleasure of working with Rita for 18 months while at Imagination in Shanghai. As a Business Manager in a Creative Innovative agency one major difficulty was finding ways to just “get it done.” 

Rita’s ability to quickly understand new industries, projects and challenges combined with her solutions-focused approach was crucial to the success of many a project. Her positive, helpful and inclusive mindset sits on top of a strategic and analytical skill base that benefited Imagination and our clients alike. No job too hard, no timeline impossible.

She was also just loads and loads of fun to work with!

-Henry Hooper, Sales Director

H.E.L.A. Publishing + Media

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Rita and the incredible talent she has with strategy and mentoring. Rita has been my mentor and strategist for a few months now, and the results have been incredible.

She has helped me to see the missing pieces in my business plans or huge projects, while also keeping me on track and accountable to my targets. Especially when I had a big shift and career change, Rita was there to support my transition and help me keep sight of my goals and targets.

She has an ability to see what others don’t and she tells things like they are–she doesn’t add fluff. One of the best things about Rita, however, is that she is so caring and passionate. I truly feel like she always wants the best for me, and this has created a deep trust. When problems and difficult tasks arise, Rita’s your go-to gal!

-Tamar Hela, CEO and Founder